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Natural Results

At La Fontaine, our team of professionals is dedicated to creating face and body enhancements that look and feel natural, refreshed, and youthful. Under the care of Dr. Ken Oleszek, our board-certified, award-winning physician, every treatment is performed by a top professional in the field of aesthetics at arguably the best medical spa in Denver.


Our team is recognized for their artistry, delicate approach, and for achieving beautiful results with the most advanced non-surgical treatments available worldwide. We focus on the art of rejuvenation, combined with the best of aesthetic technology to create very natural-looking results.

Attention to Detail

At La Fontaine, we offer personalized attention and care. You will never be rushed, pressured, or stressed – we want your journey to beauty to be a positive and enjoyable. Experience a medical spa where you will be treated with the attention, as we believe you deserve.

Award Winning

Dr. Ken Oleszek, our board-certified physician and Medical Director at La Fontaine is the recipient of the prestigious “Best Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Enhancement” award from the Aesthetic Show, a medical education meeting focused around the latest advances in non-surgical enhancements.

Concierge Service

We set the highest standard for patient care and attention, offering concierge service to make your journey to face and body rejuvenation something special – At La Fontaine med spa in Denver, it is all about you.


At La Fontaine medspa in Denver, you will experience facial enhancement at its best. We offer a full array of facial treatments to bring out what is most beautiful about you, in a very natural way such as Botox injections, dermal fillers, and a liquid facelift. All procedures are under the guidance of our board-certified physician and his team of experts. Expect results that enhance your look – and your feelings of confidence and wellbeing.

Liquid Facelifts

The artistic use of dermal fillers can create a lifted, youthful look. At La Fontaine med spa in Denver, our meticulous attention to detail, along with expert injecting technique can give you a more youthful look that was once only possible with surgery.

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Neck & Chest

We offer a range of rejuvenating treatments to restore firmer, more youthful skin on neck and chest. Our laser treatments stimulate natural healing for décolletage and neck to restore healthy, firm skin where the sun or aging has taken a toll.

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Facial Contouring

Laser treatments can produce an incredible level of rejuvenation. We offer state-of-the-art laser skin resurfacing, skin tightening, and treatments to remove spider veins, sun spots, and age spots.

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Create a more sculpted figure at La Fontaine Medical Spa in Denver.

We can help you create a fitter, firmer, more sculpted body with various procedures such as CoolSculpting, liposuction, and Vanquish. Our body procedures can also rejuvenate skin, remove unsightly veins, and create more youthful, firm skin.

CoolSculpting Elite

The new CoolSculpting Elite takes all the best aspects of CoolSculpting Legacy and adds improved comfort, a streamlined treatment process using dual applicators, and maximized fat removal in 9 key regions of the body. By freezing away unwanted, stubborn fat while the patient rests, reads, watches movies, or works on their laptop, CoolSculpting Elite has earned its place among the most modern and cutting-edge body sculpting technologies on the market today.

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EMSculpt Neo

EMSculpt Neo is an exciting addition to our cutting-edge arsenal of anti-aging technology. The device helps to not only reduce stubborn fat that is resistant to dieting and exercise but also builds muscle, sculpting the figure. Treatment can be adjusted to your unique contouring goals, comfort levels, and wishes.

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Emsculpt Muscle Toning

Our male patients come to La Fontaine as they trust our team of professionals to create cosmetic enhancements that look natural. Restore your face and body to create an image that signals health, youth, and masculine vitality.

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Restore the glow.

La Fontaine offers a full scope of advanced skin rejuvenation treatments to smooth, restore, remove age spots, sagging skin, spider veins, or other flaws. We can help you look and feel you best, with a fresh, firm, lovely look that you – and others – will appreciate.

Lasers & Light

For soft, supple, youthful skin, we offer a range of lasers and light therapies that produce significant results. Every patient has unique aesthetic concerns and skin conditions – and we customize our skin treatments to resolve flaws, breakouts, wrinkles, lines, and pigmentation.

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Skin Tightening

The skin on your body once again hug your body with our skin tightening treatments. We offer advanced, non-surgical treatments that to tighten body skin and trigger natural collagen production for long-term results.

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Skin Treatments

Why not have beautiful skin? At La Fontaine, we have gathered together the most effective treatments for skin rejuvenation that you will see and feel. Softer, firmer, more supple body skin can be yours, with our help.

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Ken Oleszek , M.D.

Board Certified Physician, Owner & Medical Director

Our founder and Medical Director, board-certified physician Dr. Ken Oleszek, established La Fontaine, which has become Denver’s premier face and body rejuvenation center. As an award-winning aesthetic physician, he has dedicated his professional career to providing state-of-the-art, non-surgical treatments that create results you can see, feel, and appreciate.

His medical spa offers high-tech laser treatments, skin-tightening treatments, photofacials, peels, and other advanced treatments. His hand-selected team is expert in skin and body rejuvenation with the use of injectables, lasers, and skin-resurfacing treatments. Dr. Oleszek has mastered the art of non-surgical face and body rejuvenation and his center has become arguably the best medspa Denver has to offer.

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