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At La Fontaine, our skincare experts rely upon just three of the world’s best skin products. With countless products on the market, it can be challenging to know which will deliver as promised. You will find links to the stores where you can order the products that we believe can be trusted to perform. Follow the link to the product store to discover what we believe to be the most effective skincare lines on the planet.

ZO Skin

ZO Skin Health was developed by Dr. Zein Obagi, who is widely regarded as being the world’s leading skincare expert. He is a board-certified dermatologist as well as an award-winning inventor, educator, and author of “The Art of Skin Health, Restoration and Rejuvenation.”

Dr. Obagi has dedicated his professional life to skin health. His ZO Skin Health line of products are top-performers. The line was developed with the most recent skin therapy technologies, delivery systems, and bio-engineered formulas. The product line covers every skincare need, and for every type of skin or skin problem. Once you try products from ZO Skin, there is no turning back – the results are that remarkable.

Skin aging is a problem we all face, with time. Imagine outsmarting nature – it is possible with the ZO Skin line of products. Dr. Obagi’s research into anti-aging has led to the development of this outstanding line of skincare products, including cleansers, exfoliating polish, scrubs, complexion renewal pads, toner, firming serum, growth factor serum, night repair and many others, all of which we recommend for our patients at La Fontaine.

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With the SkinMedica line of products, you can expect results you can see and feel. These products diminish the signs of aging with award-winning products, including one of our favorites, TNS Essential Serum. The scientists behind the SkinMedica line have dedicated years of research and development to create products that deliver superior results in skin refinement, enhancement, and renewal.

SkinMedica products work with your body’s natural healing capacity to regenerate your skin from within, for real-world results. As this skincare line uses only clinically-tested ingredients in their products, and every product is formulated to deliver the results promised, you can trust that your investment will be very rewarding.

SkinMedica is a line that we believe is truly heads above almost all products in the competition, and we often recommend this line to our clients. When we recommend a product, we stand behind it – we only offer products we believe in.

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Alastin Skincare products are sold only through physicians, and at La Fontaine. We are thrilled with the results achieved with this cutting-edge skincare line. The only way to achieve the level of growth we have seen with Alastin Skincare is to deliver products that truly deliver. The daily skincare products offered by Alastin were designed to restore and renew your skin, so it appears fresh, rejuvenated, and youthful.

Their post-procedure product line enhances the results of an aesthetic procedure, speeding healing, and reducing any after-effects of skin resurfacing or other skin-enhancing treatment. As many of our treatments are geared to regenerate your skin, we are thrilled to see the results of applying the Alastin formulas after treatments for face and neck rejuvenation.

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