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Our team of experts are dedicated to making a difference in the lives our patients, and our goal is to give you the body that you deserve to re-energize your life and embrace a more confident you. With numerous effective treatment options and minimal downtime, we help you choose the best option for you and your body type.

Sometimes diet and exercise just aren’t enough to get rid of that stubborn body fat. That’s why we offer CoolScupting, as well as minimally-invasive liposuction procedures that can not only permanently remove body fat but also use your natural fat to restore your natural contours and accentuate natural curves to give you the shape that you have always dreamed of. With multiple liposuction options and the Aquashape™ system, we have the best solution to improve you body’s contour.

In addition to slimming the body we can also improve stretch marks and lessen the appearance of scars on the body, remove varicose veins on the legs and lift breasts with a natural breast lift.

Let us help you feel good about yourself and feel good about your wardrobe. Call us today for a complimentary consultation, 303-355-4772.

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