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For some facial treatments, our Dysport in Denver may be the injectable of choice. While it performs a task similar to what is achieved with BOTOX, Dysport has some significant differences. Known for producing a very natural smoothing effect, Dysport allows you to maintain your natural expressiveness. This product is FDA-approved to treat severe frown lines between the brows.

What’s Right for Me: Dysport or BOTOX?

Many people who count on BOTOX will choose Dysport when they need a faster result. While BOTOX requires up to four days to work, Dysport has visible results more quickly – the perfect injectable for when you need to look your best and have no time to wait. BOTOX may require up to seven days for the full smoothing effect, and Dysport requires two to three. As it is a more diluted formula, Dysport diffuses into the tissues more quickly.

At La Fontaine, we have very deep experience using Dysport. When we plan a facial rejuvenation treatment we carefully evaluate the patient and select the most effective injectable to produce the desired effect. Our goal is to help our patients look and feel at their best.

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Why Choose La Fontaine?

At our private Denver clinic, every procedure is overseen or performed by our physician injector. Dr. Ken Oleszek. As a board-certified physician, he has dedicated his practice to achieving excellent, artistic results. His knowledge of facial muscle structure and extensive experience with injectables makes his clinic a place where you can trust. We have the training and experience to create a result that looks simply, beautiful. Our clinic is warm, inviting, and our staff friendly and approachable. We take a meticulous, careful approach to facial enhancement, and often inject Dysport to smooth targeted facial areas.

How Does Dysport Work?

Dysport smooths the skin with a substance called botulism toxin. This synthetic neurotoxin works by limiting muscle motion. For wrinkles caused by constant muscle motion, Dysport can work wonders.

This injection may be the ideal choice to smooth:

  • Fine lines and creases on brow
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Fine lines around nose and lips

Why Dysport Rather than BOTOX?

Each of these injectables performs and choosing the most appropriate and effective product must be based upon experience and knowledge. The first step in any facial rejuvenation procedure at La Fontaine includes meeting with you, evaluating the cosmetic flaws you want to resolve, and discussing the options – and what we recommend. Let’s talk.

You can look years younger without undergoing surgery. We excel at non-surgical facial rejuvenation, with each treatment customized to suit the individual. The only way to honestly determine if Dysport will be more effective is to evaluate your skin quality and your individual needs.


What Does Wrinkle-Smoothing with Dysport Feel Like?

Most people are slightly nervous about injectables – until they have undergone one treatment. The sensation is not particularly painful, feeling like a bug bite or a pinch. If you are nervous about the sensation, we are happy to apply a numbing cream prior to treatment so it is more comfortable. As the entire treatment requires very little time, and the injections are fast, made with a very small needle. Those who consistently have Dysport injections typically don’t ask for topical anesthetic.

Our Award-Winning Aesthetic Practice

At La Fontaine, we take aesthetics seriously. We have established a state-of-the-art clinic that offers the most advanced treatments and technologies, including some of the best Dysport Denver has available. As aesthetic science advances, new anti-aging treatments are developed. Dysport is one of the best products for smoothing dynamic wrinkles (those created by facial muscle motion). Ready to take advantage of what modern aesthetics has to offer? Visit with us at La Fontaine – we look forward to meeting with you.

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