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The Body

Many of our most satisfied clients came to us with body concerns they had no idea how to best handle. For any physical condition, there are many solutions advertised commercial advertisements that add confusion to what really works. The most common concerns that we see at La Fontaine Aesthetics are:

  • Skin Tightening
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Unwanted Veins
  • Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Body Contouring (treating unwanted fatty bulges?)

Body Contouring

We can reshape your body! With CoolScupting® and minimally-invasive Tickle Lipo® liposuction, we can develop a personalized plan to take away unsightly bulges and return those shapely curves. We have the solution, whether you want treatments with no down-time or treatments with more dramatic results. Common areas treated are the belly, muffin top, hips, bra bulge, arms and under the chin. With advanced fat transfer techniques, we can obtain fatty tissue from unwanted areas and transfer to the Breast or Buttock for a natural augmentation without implants.

Skin Tightening

Often as we age we see loose or creepy skin on our belly, arms or legs. With our many treatment options, we have a treatment plan to tighten and tone your skin. From the no downtime ThermiSmooth, the minimal downtime INTRAcel® RF microneedling to the most effective skin tightening with Thermitight® or Renuvion® with J-plasma. Come in for a free consultation and we can match the results you want with the right treatment.

Muscle tone

As we age, we lose our muscle tone of the core and the buttock. This can lead to an unshapely figure and belly pooch or even to a saggy butt. EMSCULPT® is a treatment that can build and tone muscle and give a shapelier figure.


When leg veins become varicose or tiny spider veins appear on your legs, they may simply be a cosmetic concern that you want to remove, with no associated pain. Varicose or bulging veins and even some spider veins may be uncomfortable or even painful. With our 4 vascular lasers and expertise in sclerotherapy we have the solution. We can even treat the blue veins around-the-eye, blue breast veins as well as, the small red angiomas that appear on your body. Come in for a free consultation to find out what the best vein treatment plan is for your unwanted veins.

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Scar tissue is formed by collagen laid down over an injury. When left unhandled, the collagen buildup can thicken and elevate the scar to the point where it is visible, marring your appearance. Scars can be minimally treated with gels and silicone scar sheets to even out skin color and texture and make the scar less visible. Whether a post-surgical scar on the abdomen or breast, or after a trauma, there are several treatments to improve the appearance, size and texture of the scar that range from a series of low-downtime laser treatments to surgical excision of the scar.

Stretch Marks

Formed during rapid growth of the body during puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding and other causes, stretch marks usually diminish but do not disappear completely without treatment. The tearing of the dermis produces a skin scar. How completely stretch marks can be improved depends on the type of stretch marks and the health of your skin and your level of collagen. Solutions like laser or INTRAcel® RF microneedling can be very effective. There are also several simple and effective procedures that do will make these marks far less visible.

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