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What is a Nefertiti Lift?

The Nefertiti Lift borrows its name from an Egyptian queen famously known for her beauty — her perfect jawline, her taught neck, and her ideal facial proportions. The “3-minute neck lift” named in her honor gives our patients that tight and chiseled yet finely feminine jawline and a smooth, more youthful neck. This minimally-invasive and nonsurgical procedure employs a series of tiny injections of Botox, Juvederm or Dysport into the group of muscles that cause the not-so-subtle yet stubborn signs of aging along the jawline and upper neck.

The procedure itself takes no more than about 15 minutes, during which time a qualified doctor or aesthetician will place a series of 6 or 8 well-targeted injections into either side of the jawline. When the procedure is done and the injectable has had 5 to 7 days to take hold, the result will present much like a mini neck lift has been done, and will positively enhance the upper neck and jawline while contouring the chin and the corners of the mouth.

Am I a Candidate for the Nefertiti Lift?

The Nefertiti Lift is best suited for persons between ages 35 and 55 who seek an improved definition of their jawline and upper neck and who do not have too much excess fat in this area. The Nefertiti Lift aims to tackle the “turkey neck” or “chicken feet” beneath the jawline, caused in large part by the platysma muscles pulling the neck along a downward vector. These muscles can form thick visible lines, end up looking like tight strings in the neck, and loose skin can build up over them as we age. Step in front of a mirror and express these muscles by dramatically vocalizing the letter “E.” If you see that it forms bands of stringy muscle, you’re very likely a candidate for a Nefertiti Lift.

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Understanding Your Nefertiti Lift

  1. The Nefertiti Lift begins with a consultation at our office to discuss a patient’s goals for the treatment and to evaluate their physical health and candidacy for the procedure.
  2. Before the treatment, 6 to 7 sites per side of the jawline and neck will be marked for injection for the optimal outcome. These sites will run along the bottom of the jawline and in the band of tissues immediately below it.
  3. Ice will be applied as a vasoconstrictor (narrowing the blood vessels) to improve comfort and to minimize the possibility of bruising.
  4. If a patient feels they need it, a topical numbing gel can be applied beforehand to make the procedure entirely painless. Otherwise, one can expect a mild but very bearable discomfort.
  5. The injections of Botox, Dysport or Jeuveau are then placed with a small needle. The location and depth of injection are critical and the injector has to be well versed in the nuances of the local anatomy.
  6. If the patient desires volume added, a separate injection can be done during the same visit.
  7. Achieving a patient’s exact beauty goals may require more than one treatment session. In our initial personal consultation, our staff will be able to inform of what to expect and if subsequent visits will be required.
  8. To ensure the injections have a chance to set correctly and to properly distribute, patients should refrain from exercising and bending over, and from rubbing the injection sights, for 24 to 48 hours after their treatment.

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Benefits of a Nefertiti Lift

  • The Nefertiti Lift is minimally invasive and nonsurgical, making it faster and more bearable and minimizing potential complications.
  • The Nefertiti Lift is very quickly completed, thus its reputation as the “3-minute neck lift.”
  • It is more affordable than a neck lift and the results it produces are easily visible, progressively emerging in from 5 to 7 days, yielding a visibly improved and naturally presenting jawline and upper neck.
  • Little or no downtime will be attendant with recovery. Patients typically return to their work the day of or day after their procedure and what little bruising or redness occasionally develops at injection points can be concealed with makeup the day after the procedure. Most patients return to work immediately.
  • A good injector will also in no way masculinize the face or overdo the injections during this procedure.

What is recovery like?

Because the Nefertiti Lift is minimally invasive and nonsurgical, it requires little to no at-home recovery time. Following the procedure, you can return to home or work and resume your normal activities. You will be advised to refrain from exercising for the day and to refrain from massaging or disturbing the injection sights for 24 to 48 hours. On the same day or the day following, one can return to their normal daily routine. Complications are rare but uncommon side effects are minor bruising and swelling.

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