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As we age, our facial shape or contour changes to reflect our age. Although facial aging can be accelerated by smoking, sun exposure or illness, most people age in a predictable manner. Our facial skeleton will change, we will lose facial soft tissue and our skin will lose elasticity. With modern facial medical aesthetic treatments, we have many treatments to help us age gracefully while looking our best.

Restoring our youthful facial shape is likely the biggest advancement we have seen in facial treatments this past decade. Using fillers to lift the cheeks, lift the brow, diminish the jowl and define the jawline are treatments that can be done without surgery and can create dramatic and long-lasting results. Whether it's Sculptra to lift your cheeks or Restylane to plump your lips, La Fontaine carries all approved fillers to offer a customized treatment plan to match your budget and downtime.

In addition to restoring youthful volume to the face, we now can precisely shape the face by decreasing the unwanted lower facial fullness, jowls and double chin. This will create a slimmer facial appearance and a more defined jawline. We use the Agnes microneedling radiofrequency device to precisely deliver energy to contract skin and unwanted fatty areas. This non-surgical procedure is a nice addition to the filler treatments to enhance the full face.

Facial contouring procedures

Here is a list of facial contouring procedures we offer here at our medical spa in Denver, La Fontaine Aesthetics:

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