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Patients have asked if it’s possible to take fat from the hips (or other areas) and place it in the breasts or face. The answers is, yes, it is possible. The procedure is called Fat Transfer and has been effectively and safely performed by doctors overseas for many years. At La Fontaine medical spa in Denver we use a process called Aquashape™.

How Does Aquashape Work?

The AquaShape procedure uses the body-jet® liposuction and fat transfer device to remove unwanted fat from targeted areas of your body while improving body contouring. Once the fat is removed it is then re-injected in strategic areas to enhance volume and shape in the breasts and/or buttocks.

How Is AquaShape Different from Artificial Implants?

With AquaShape you are using your own natural fat to enhance your breasts and/or buttocks instead of artificial implants. AquaShape fat injections can give breasts and buttocks a softer, smoother and more natural-looking appearance. Additionally, you’ll be able to take advantage of outstanding body contouring in the donor areas through the AquaShape™ by body-jet® procedure.

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Are You a Candidate for Fat Transfer?

Most candidates for fat transfer breast augmentation in Denver are women that have had children and feel their breasts have deflated and are satisfied with a 3/4 to one cup size breast enhancement and/or improvement of cleavage.

Can I Have the AquaShape Procedure if I Already Have Implants?

Yes! Some people are unhappy with the appearance of their artificial implants after time. AquaShape™ may be used to correct irregularities, improve dimpling, and smooth out visible edges around implants.

Is Fat Transfer Safe?

Fat Transfer for use in breast enhancement has been extensively studied and received a positive recommendation from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Additionally studies have shown that the possible calcification seen after Fat Transfer to the breast can be differentiated from breast cancer on mammograms. In essence, Fat Transfer does not interfere with the ability to detect breast cancer.

The benefits of a Natural Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer:

  • Fat Transfer is done under local anesthesia and patients walk out of the office after the procedure
  • Looks and feels very natural
  • Does not include saline or silicone breast implants
  • Does not require multiple procedures over the lifetime of the patient
  • Fat is a completely natural substance that comes from your own body
  • There are minimal incisions with this procedure; which reduces the possibility of scarring
  • Fat can also cover rippling associated with breast implants

There are minimal downsides of having a Fat Transfer:

  • If patients want larger than 3/4 cup size augmentation we recommend the patient consider breast implants or consider 2 natural breast enhancement treatments.
  • Fat Transfer is not as predictable as a breast enlargement. A percentage of the fat transferred does not “take” and we see a resorption rate of 20-40%, so the size of augmentation will decrease about the same
  • With Fat Transfer there is a chance of having slight irregularity or lumpiness after the procedure, but this is typically treatable.
  • Multiple treatments may be needed to reach optimal results

Who Can I Talk to About AquaShape Procedure?

To find out if AquaShape fat transfer in Denver is right for you, you should make an appointment for a personal consultation with our physician who can answer your questions about AquaShape.

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