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We encourage patients and visitors of La Fontaine Aesthetics to write Yelp reviews and testimonials on social networks. Below are just a few comments and reviews from Yelp.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the best staff in Denver when it comes to cosmetic enhancements. The professionals at La Fontaine have a practice that is second to none. Recently I decided to take advantage of the Laser Liposuction, a service offered By Ken Oleszek and La Fontaine that truly has given me a different outlook on plastic surgery. This procedure is the safest form of liposuction being practiced and having a caring and trustworthy team by my side is invaluable. It was very comfortable and I was up and walking around the next day with little to no discomfort. My concerns and what I wanted out of the procedure was a high priority and my realistic expectations were met! Thank you guys.” ~Eli S.

“I’ve had the pleasure of going to a number of great spas across the country, mostly in hotel/resort settings. With my wedding coming up, I knew I needed to get my skin in shape and set on a course the find a great spa to get regular facials at in Denver. I had several near successes from such locations as the Ritz Carlton (which was too expensive and did very poorly in regards to regulating noise from people on cell phones, etc.) and the Retreat on Larimer (which had a fantastic facial but was somewhat mediocre in atmosphere).

I am happy to say I found what I’ve been looking for and much more after my excellent experience with La Fontaine Aesthetics.

The spa offers the ability to book your appointments online, through a slightly confusing system that charges you a $50 booking fee. You can rest assured that $50 will go straight into whatever treatment you’re getting, though I would give the spa a call to make sure what you booked on their online system is recieved correctly.

I’ve heard some horror stories about what spas can pull when a client is late (everything from shaving time off of facials to charging the entire rate for a service that wasn’t provided). I was very worried when a complication at home caused me to be fifteen minutes late for my facial at La Fontaine, so I gave them a call. Instead of giving me a hard time, both the front desk staff and the aesthetician were more than helpful working with me to make sure everything still went fine (I just had less relaxation time before the facial, which was fine).

The White Orchid Facial is *amazing*. Best facial I’ve ever had, hands down. Suzanne not only gave me a straight-forward skin consultation before the facial, but plenty of information about what was being put on my face without pushing products on me. She was very careful about making sure nothing stung too much or would cause skin sensitivity, and explained what treatments I could get in the future to improve my skin.” ~ Jeff F.

“Since I live in a fairly rural area in Northern California, I rely on friends from big cities to refer me to top-notch doctors and other health service professionals. As I approached my 50th birthday, I talked to a few friends about wanting to have my leg veins “zapped”, and I was fortunate to be referred to La Fontaine and Dr. “Ken”. Exactly one month before my birthday party, I flew to Denver, and Dr. Ken treated all of the broken veins on my legs that had been bothering me for years. The procedure took only about 45 minutes, and Dr. Ken and the La Fontaine staff could not have been more informative and gentle. I’m quite happy to report that after wearing TED stockings for approximately 1 week and making sure to follow Dr. Ken’s (and my friend Jilliann’s) care instructions, my legs already looked almost good as new. . . and after another few weeks, I was able to wear a short dress to my 50th birthday party with no broken veins or visible signs of having had the procedure done on my legs! I plan to visit Dr. Ken in Denver again next year for some facial procedures and am one very happy customer.” ~Kimmie K.

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